Publications 2022

Journal papers

  • Lee, S., Kume, H., Urakubo, H., Kasai, H., & Ishii, S. (2022)
    Tri-view two-photon microscopic image registration and deblurring with convolutional neural networks.
    Neural Networks, 152: 57-69
  • Katayama, R., Yoshida, Y., & Ishii, S. (2022)
    Confidence modulates the decodability of scene prediction during partially-observable maze exploration in humans.
    Communications Biology, 5: 367
  • Yamaguchi, K., Maeda, Y., Sawada, T., Iino, Y., Tajiri, M., Nakazato, R., Tajiri, M., Nakazato, R., Ishii, S., Kasai, H., & Yagishita, S. (2022)
    A behavioural correlate of the synaptic eligibility trace in the nucleus accumbens.
    Scientific Reports, 12, 1921
  • Hwang, J., Park, G., Kwon, T. & Ishii, S. (2022)
    Transition Motion Synthesis for Object Interaction based on Learning Transition Strategies. Computer Graphics Forum.
  • Nakauchi, S., Kondo, T., Kinzuka, Y., Taniyama, Y., Tamura, H., Higashi, H., Hine, K., Minami, T., Linhares, J. M. M., & Naschimento, S. M. C. (2022)
    Universality and superiority in preference for chromatic composition of art paintings.
    Scientific Reports, 12: 4294.