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I joined the PhD program of Kyoto university graduate school of informatics (Systems Science Department) in Fall 2011 and I am currently persuing my researchin RGB-D Object Tracking and 3D Recunstruction from Multiple Low Reolution Videos. I'm a D3 member of Ishii Lab and expect to graduate till March 2015... I had fun learning Japanese and discovering exciting facts about Japan clulture, history and domestic technology and I'm getting ready to take on next challenge of my life, the PhD manuscript!


Welcome Note


I would like to welcome you to my homepage, where you can find out more about me, my education, my research interests, and my career, as long as some useful information in different subjects ranging from everyday life to special technical discussions and developed ideas.

درود! به صفحه اینترنتی من خوش آمدید. این وبسایت حاوی اطلاعاتی درباره تحصیلات، علایق تحقیقاتی، پیشینه کاری و خود اینجانب می باشد. افزون بر آن، می توان اطلاعات مفیدی در مقوله های مختلف مورد علاقه من از زندگی روزمره تا مطالب تخصصی و ایده های من در برخی از مسائل و حتی یک داستان علمی تخیلی در حال تکوین پیدا کرد.

私のホームページへようこそ。ここでは私の経歴や研究対象、さらには日々の生活のことから専門的な話題まで様々な分野の情報を掲載しています。 (メシギ・クーロシ)



This is how I see my life...

As a childhood dream, I always loved to design a robot and become famous and on the other hand I loved outer space and dream of exploring other planets. These are my main topics of my childhood drawings and paintings and I even won some contests for my fantasies in drawing robots. Now as an adult, I find Japan the utopia of my dreams, a nation with robots mixed with their strong ancient culture and advancing rapidly in this area. I believe that home robotics revolution is inevitable and the science fiction stories about having at least one robot as a part of family members is more near than it appears and I want to be a part of this movement which Japanese will be its leaders. I’m an ambitious person, and have lots of ideas fantasies and visions that I believe will be realized soon in a cultural and scientific society of Japan. My proper type of job, as I found so far is educational, idea generating and research ones which matches my goals in life too. I’m planning my steps in life to become a famous, well-mannered and wise professor so I can conduct researches of my interest and draw investments to the inevitable robotics revolution. I love to train students and researchers as I proved to be a good speaker and lecturer and willing to teach whatever I know to others beside my good communication and interpersonal abilities. To provide my family and research interests with good economic foundation, I need to realize a few of my lots of ideas and have a successful business plan in life, so I followed some disciplines in IT management and industrial quality to use them in my future company. Having my business up and running, I plan to author many books and publications afterwards since I have fine writing skills and being enthusiastic to Japanese language, I will translate many books to/from Japanese because the technical literature in Japanese is highly enriched. My vision is brining my understanding of Human Brain Visual System, Machine Vision Techniques, and Computer-Brain Interfaces to the edge-of-knowledge so I can push it further, invent new devices to help humanity and make automated systems and robots “smarter”. These are not possible without living in peace, concentrating on research and working with expert teams that I believe being granted a good scholarship like MEXT and entering Kyoto University, a well-known Japanese university can fulfill my dreams.
I’m now 30 years old and furthering my education, going to achieve an academic research position in Japan, and dedicate my life to research, idea-storming, authoring and teaching, the job I believe I was meant to do whole my life. I've already accepted the challenge of this lifestyle and wish to pursue my dreams and make them come true.

Why don't you just visit my resume page, view my publication list or just read my brief CV?


How To Write an Autobiography...

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