"Systems Neurobiology" is a research field aiming for understanding the brain nervous system from molecules to behavior as a multi-scale systems. In this workshop, six world-leading researchers in this field are invited and talk about cutting-edge research. You can learn mathematical modeling in neurobiology research, basic research topics in neurobiology and molecular biology, and the latest insights integrated measurement technologies such as nanotechnology.


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  • Japanese Neural Network Society
  • Innovative Areas

Japanese Neural Network Society
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Mesoscopic neurocircuitry: towards understanding of the functional and structural basis of brain information processing.”
Brain and Neural Systems Team, Computational Science Reserch Program, RIKEN

Faculty(Alphabetical Order)

Yang Dan (University of California, Berkeley) (Neuro-Brain SuperComputing Whorkshop 2012)
Shelley Halpain (University of California, San Diego) (Neuro-Brain SuperComputing Whorkshop 2012)
Yuji Ikegaya (The University of Tokyo)
Kozo Kaibuchi (Nagoya University)
Arvind Kumar (University of Freiburg) (Neuro-Brain SuperComputing Whorkshop 2012)
Hitoshi Okamoto (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)


Shin Ishii (Kyoto University)
Kyonsoo Hong (New York Univerisity School of Medicine)


Shoji Komai (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Program committees

Honda Naoki (Kyoto Univesity)
Ken Nakae (Kyoto Univesity)
Naoto Yukinawa (Kyoto Univesity)