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Publications 2012

Journal papers

  • Ihara, M., Maeda, S., Ikeda, K., and Ishii, S. (2012)
    Low-dimensional Feature Representation for Instrument Identification.
    SICE Jounal of Control,Measument,and System Integration, 5(4), pp.249-258.
  • Ueno, T. Maeda, S., and Ishii,S. (2012)
    Asymptotic analysis of value prediction by well-specified and misspecified models.
    Neural Networks, 31, pp.88-92.
  • Kouno, M., Nakae, K., Oba, S., and Ishii, S. (2012)
    Microscopic image restoration based on tensor factorization of rotated patches.
    Artificial Life and Robotics, 17, pp.417-425.

Conference Papers

  •  Nakano, D., Maeda, S., & Ishii, S. (2012)
     Control of a Free-Falling Cat by Policy-Based Reinforcement Learning.
     The International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence , 7553, pp.116-123

Invited Lecture 

  • Ishii, S. (2013.3.7) 
    Network-based BMI: toward brain machine interface in real envionments.
    IPAM Workshop on Multimodal Neuroimaging, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ishii, S. (2012.6.13) Modeling and simulation of neuronal morphology.
    Okinawa Computational Neuroscience Course, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology