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  • Urakubo, H., Ishii, S., and Kuroda, S. (2013.11)
    In vitro Reconstitution of an Erasable Memory Switch of CaMKII.
    SfN annual meeting , No. 233.17.
  • Shikauchi, Y., and Ishii, S. (2013.7)
    Prediction is predictable from human brain activity in frontal-parietal cortex. 
    Computational neuroscience meeting (CNS2013), P181
  • Shikauchi, Y., and Ishii, S. (2013.6)
    Decoding scene prediction associated with decision making
    Neuro2013, P1-2-184.
  • Hirayama, J., Shikauchi, Y., Nakamura, Y., Maeda, S., Takenouchi, T., Kanemura, A., Kawanabe, M., and Ishii, S. (2013.6)
    Decoding hand movements in everyday activities from magnetoencephalography. 
    Neuro2013, P1-1-242.
  • Okadome, Y., Nakamura, Y., Shikauchi, Y., Ishii, S., and Ishiguro, H. (2013)
    Fast approximation method for gaussian process regression using hash function for non-uniformly distributed data.
    23rd International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 2013), Lecture Notes in Computer Science8131, pp. 17-25.