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Publications 2017

Journal papers

  • Takenouchi,T.,Ishii,S.(2017) Binary classifiers ensemble based on Bregman divergence for multi-class classification.  Neurocomputing,273(17), 424-434
  • Murakami, Y., Koyama, M., Oba, S., Kuroda, S. and Ishii, S. (2017)
    Model-based control of the temporal patterns of intracellular signaling in silico.
    Biophysics and Physicobiology , 14, 29-40.
  • Meshgi, K., Maeda, S., Oba, S. and Ishii, S. (2017)
    Constructing a Meta-Tracker using Dropout to Imitate the Behavior of an Arbitrary Black-box Tracker Learning Systems.
    Neural Networks (to appear)

Conference papers

  • Meshgi, K., Oba, S., &Ishii, S. (2018). Efficient diverse ensemble for discriminative co-tracking.                               Computer Vision and Pattern Recoginition 2018(CVPR), (to appear)
  • Uchida,S.Oba, S., Ishii,S. (2017) Estimation of the change of agents behavioral strategy using state-action history.   International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks. ICANN proceeding Part2,100-107
  • Nishimoto,T.,Morioka,H.,Ishii,S.(2017) Individual identification by resting-state EEG using common dictionary learning.International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks. ICANN proceeding Part1,199-207