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Publications 2018

Journal papers

  • Muta, Y., Fujita, Y., Sumiyama, K., Sakurai, A,. Taketo, M,. Chiba T,. Seno, H,. Aoki, K,. Matsuda, M,. and Imajo,M. (2018) Composite regulation of ERK activity dynamics underlies tumour-specific traits in the intestine.   Nature Communications, 9(1):2174.

Conference papers

  • Fujita, Y. and Ishii, S. (2018) Reproducing the cognitive function with the robustness against the brain structure and with the efficient learning algorithm
    CNS2018, Seattle, USA, 2018.7.15
  • Liang, Z., Oba, S. and Ishii, S. (2018) Inherent Feature Connection (I-Con) Map for Liking Emotion Detection: an EEG Study. 32nd British Human Computer Interaction Conference (BHCI 2018): Workshop on Affective Computing, pp. 1-5,, Belfast, UK, 2018.07.03.